Archive | September 14, 2010

All Better Now!

Actually not, but…

About mid-morning on Monday, Owen declared himself “all better now”. Proceeded to remove his pj pants, ask for his shoes and knee pads to be put on and walked out the back door.

This is how I found him…

I didn’t feel that playing outside in 60 degree weather with no pants on was a good idea since he is sick.

So, we checked on our baby grass and then headed back inside for more rest.

So now Grace is sick too. So my beginning-of-school-year and having-both-kids-at-school-for-part-day excitement has kind of waned. Maybe this way I’ll appreciate it more when it actually happens!

We’ve got lots of movies to watch today and by golly both of those kids are going to school tomorrow!

I may even send the dog!