Not the First Day of School

Owen was supposed to start preschool this morning…

But, he either picked up a cold at his orientation or Grace brought something home last week that he just couldn’t fight off. Either way…he’s a sickie and won’t be starting school today.

Last night he was running a 100.2 fever and as all colds do for Mr. Owen, this one headed straight for his lungs. He’s on his inhalers but he’s still got a wheeze and a cough…

This could be a long fall/winter as his immune system adjusts to school…


4 responses to “Not the First Day of School”

  1. Sonya says :

    Boo! I was hoping he would be feeling better by today. 😦

  2. Kaeley says :

    Poor Owie! I hope he feels better soon!!
    love you!

  3. Jen says :

    Hope he feels better soon! Sofie had the same thing this weekend too. She’s definitely better and back to her WILD self now. Hope Owen is back up and running just as quick!

  4. Laura says :

    Feel Better soon, Owen!!!! Never fun being sick!

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