Just Grace: Fun Books

Along the theme from last week, I found a book for Grace called Just Grace. We have been reading it together over the last couple of days. It is a fun book. In the book, poor Grace has found herself in a classroom where she is one of 4 Grace’s. Naturally, the teacher has to devise a plan to differentiate…

We found ourselves giggling when we read this line…

“I tried to tell Miss Lois that she’d made a mistake and that I wanted to be called just Grace, not Just Grace, but she put her hands up in the air and said, ‘That’s enough, girls. Let’s move on to the three Owens.’

Grace had to double check the book to make sure I hadn’t changed the name.

So far, Grace has been the only “Grace” in her classes, and we’ll see about Owen…

I didn’t realize they were such “popular” names.


3 responses to “Just Grace: Fun Books”

  1. Alyce says :

    That is amazing! What were the chances they’d have those names in that book!

  2. Kaeley says :

    it’s like finding “darcy, caroline” in Pride and Prejudice after you, mom and i had read it a collective 50+ times and never noticed it! What’s up with that?
    love you!

    • ittybittyblog says :

      Actually, I found it right off, the first time I read it in Mrs. Kernutt’s class. You and Mom had missed it about 50 times:)

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