Last Pics of Bob

I was going through some pictures on my computer and came across these pictures of Bob. They are the most recent and last pictures that we have of him.

I remember taking them and not posting them because they are a bit blurry.

Now they seem pretty special.

It just shows what kind of a cat he was, so friendly and affectionate. Anytime we went outside he was right there, ready for some loving.

As Owen would say, “Bob’s a lover not a biter…”

The kids have been doing pretty well processing his death. At least once every day Owen’s says that he misses Bob. They are pretty matter-of-fact about his death and how he died. Danny said the other day when they were leaving the neighborhood Owen asked “I want to see the place where Bob got bit.” The still are pretty angry at coyotes in general.

As we knew it would, it has gotten easier the more time has passed.

ETA: As soon as I wrote this poor little Owen had a tough time. I though that something had pinched him or something because he just burst into tears. He finally told me that he just really missed Bob. So we talked about what we loved about Bob and why he meant so much to us and looked at some pictures. It seemed to help.

2 responses to “Last Pics of Bob”

  1. Amber says :

    so sorry for your loss. is never easy when you loose a good family member like Bob. Thanks for sharing the pics 🙂

  2. Jen says :

    Beautiful pics of Bob, thanks for sharing!

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