Super Sad

Thanks to all of you who left comments on my previous post.

Unfortunately, Bob is really gone.

When I mentioned to one of our neighbors that he was missing she told me that the day before (which was Monday) her kids wouldn’t go outside because of the turkey vultures swooping in the field behind their house. There have also been coyotes around.

I had checked a bit in the other fields but hadn’t looked in this particular field. So Daisy and I went for a little walk this evening. I was hoping to find Bob’s collar so that I would know that he was gone and not coming home, ’cause I keep looking.

I found his collar as well as what remained of him, which I wasn’t really expecting for some reason. Coyotes got him.

It was pretty sad. The kiddos don’t really understand, and I guess this is how they learn. They understand enough to know they are sad and he is gone and they want him back.

He was a super cat and he sure had a pretty good life with us.


8 responses to “Super Sad”

  1. Kaeley says :

    well that just sucks…i kept checking here for the news he had come back. Bob was a GREAT cat, even if he was a little weird sometimes 🙂 It must be hard for the kids, i hope they are ok…
    love you!!

  2. Allison says :

    Oh, Darcy! I am so sorry to hear that. I pray that the Lord would comfort you all. 😦 Allison

  3. tottallytinymaclin says :

    I am so sorry! When we got off the phone I was hoping that he would just come back. I hope everyone is doing ok!

  4. Sonya says :

    Oh no! I am so very sorry for you all. We will miss that big goofball.

  5. Jen says :

    I’m so sorry about Bob!! My heart goes out to you guys!

  6. Alyce says :

    Oh – that is so sad! I’m sorry that he’s gone and that you had to find him that way.

  7. Laura says :

    I am soooo very sorry! Bob was definitely a big fluffy, quirky cat…who did let me pet him (surprising).
    I’m sending you big hugs (sorry it’s over the internet) and praying for you and your family!

  8. Amber says :

    oh Darcy I am so sorry to hear about Bob.
    Rest in peace Bob.

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