Blog Break

Ok folks, I’m getting tired.

Danny got a chest cold about a month ago, passed it to Grace, then Owen, then me. Mine turned into a sinus infection and pink eye. Luckily, on Friday, my in-laws were here and while they played with the kiddos I went to the doctor and got all sorts of medicine.

Saturday Grace woke up cruddy. Today Owen is sneezy with a drippy nose. Will it never stop?

I’m just so tired. On top of not feeling well myself, getting up with them during the night because they are coughing is just so tiring. I don’t think I was up with them during the night this much even when they were babies…I am sure Danny would get up too, but he has been working graveyard 4 nights out of 7, so no chance to sleep in. He’s worn out too, it’s not just me:(

We’ve been cuddling a lot on the couch and watching movies. Me and the kids that is, because Danny’s sleeping.

I think I have posted something on the blog every weekday since the end of August…I need a little break:) I am not sure how long I will take and maybe I’ll do the every-other-day thing like last summer…

Happy Summer Folks!


3 responses to “Blog Break”

  1. tottallytinymaclin says :

    Oh Darc, I’m so sorry everyone is sick!! I hope it doesn’t last long!
    Feel better soon!!

  2. Allison says :

    Praying you all get some rest and feel better soon!

  3. Laura says :

    I hope and pray by now you all are feeling better!!! I’ve been so behind on blog reading/posting lately. I do hope you get a restful break and have a wonderful summer.

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