Crazy Dog

About a month after we moved here Daisy started having issues with her food. She wouldn’t eat it. She was making weird movements with her nose around her dish. She would dump out her food or try to cover it up with the rug. Eventually she would eat it but she was just weird. We switched food bowls and that seemed to help, but sometimes she still has problems.

I fed her one day before I had to take Grace to school. When I got home I found this…

She had managed to dump out her bowl and then sit it back on top of her food…

Oh, what does it all mean you crazy dog!?!?


2 responses to “Crazy Dog”

  1. Sue McMahan says :

    At least she is neat and tidy (even if a bit crazy)!
    Grandma Annie

  2. tottallytinymaclin says :

    Chris said she may not like the food anymore…???

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