Raining Cats

Wednesday was a rainy day. The kiddos wanted to watch a movie and we let Bob in so he could get some snugs.

Then, as usual, Bob takes things too far and starts biting blankies and kneading…

He got the boot…

May is not so much the snuggler…Although Owen would also like to get his hands around her neck…


One response to “Raining Cats”

  1. Kristi says :


    I’m sorry I haven’t ever commented before! I have followed your blog for quite some time. Your kids are as cute as can be, and I always am waiting for another post of the latest things that Grace and Owen have said. My connection to your blog is that I am good friends with Sofie’s mom, Jen of sofiascdhstory.com.

    Thanks for saying hi, and thanks for sharing your precious kids!


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