Stupid Freak

We (I) have been having some problems with some of Owen’s words lately. He has added the words “stupid” and “freak” to his vocabulary. Grace is usually the one that gets called “stupid” and he calls me “freak”. Nice, huh?

I have explained that these words aren’t nice and that they hurt feelings, but they just keep slipping out of his sweet little mouth.

I have been giving him time-outs consistently each time he says one of the words and it might be getting better, it is just hard to tell.

But just this morning he looks at me with a little smile and says “bad people are stupid, that’s nice.”

He is obviously trying to figure out in what situations he can say the words. Testing the limits to see what he can get away with. He has learned that Sissy will tell on him. Every time.

This morning I told him “no” when he asked me for something and he got so mad at me and called me a “freak”. I jumped right up and told him to get in the chair for time-out.  He just cried and cried like his little heart was broken (which is an entirely different post).

When he got up I said “what do you say to Mommy for using a bad word?”
Owen: “Thank you, I mean sorry Mommy.”

I won’t even mention my struggles with “damn it”.

One response to “Stupid Freak”

  1. Alyce says :

    I think we all have those words that we struggle with. I’m sure my kids wouldn’t be exposed to the word “moron” so much if there weren’t so many morons driving around out there. 🙂

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