Grumpy Boy

It is 9:55 on Tuesday morning and Owen has been arguing “with” me for an hour about cocoa.

I am just typing as we have part of this conversation…

Owen: (Loudly) “Mommy, I want cocoa!!!”
Me: “Owen you aren’t getting any cocoa this morning, you are whining and not being nice to me so you don’t get cocoa.”
Owen: “Mommy, I’n gonna be nice, I’m so thirsty, my belly hurts!”
Me: “I have milk for you, would you like some?”
Owen: “NO! Milk is disgustin’ I don’t like it, I want cocoa! PLEASSE Mommy, I want cocoa!”
Me: “Owen, I have already told you no, you are being rude and disrespectful and you don’t get any cocoa.”
Owen: “Mommy, I’n gonna be nice, gonna be ‘spectful. Pleaassee!”
Me: “Owen, I said no and I am not going to say another word about it. Stop.”
Owen: “Mommy, talk to me, why you not talkin’ to me?”
Me: “Owen, I am talking, just not about cocoa.”
Owen: “You not talkin’ to me, talkin’ means your moufs movin’ like dis, your moufs not movin’! TALK TO ME!!!

He finally seems to have gotten distracted by his cars…

I spoke too soon…

Owen: “Mommy, I want some cocoa…”
Me: “No.”
Owen: (with a smile) “Just a little bit?”
Me: “No.”
Owen: “Just a cup?”
Me: “NO!”
Owen: “…’ctually I do want some milk.”


One response to “Grumpy Boy”

  1. claire smith says :

    aw mommy sorry for the not so peaceful morning. Too bad he can’t just ask grandma.
    Have a good day
    grandma ruby

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