Recent conversations/comments heard around here:

Owen: “I’m four!”
Me: “You are not four Owen, you are three.”
Owen: “I am not fwee! I am four!”
Grace: “He’s not free, he’s stuck!”
Grace: “Mommy, after I’ve eaten a sandwich I just like to wipe all the crumbs from the table into my hand and then I put them into my yogurt. Then I mix it up, it’s so yummy!”
Grace: “If we were dogs and had fur all over us then I wouldn’t have to wear a coat at recess because then I would be too warm! Mommy, why don’t we have fur all over us?”
Grace: “Owen, what was your new teacher’s name at church?”
Owen: “Ummm…Girl.”
Grace: “Oh, do you not remember her name?”
Owen: “Grace, what are penuss?”
Grace: (looking down sheepishly then looking at me) “What Owen?”
Owen: “What are penuss?”
Grace: “Owen, you know what a penis is.”
Me: “Grace, I think he is saying ‘peanuts’.”
Grace: “Ohhh.”
Danny: “After you eat your burger do you want a roll with jelly on it?”
Owen: “Yes, with a pancake inside it?”
Me: “Owen, what does Daisy have?”
Owen: “A Beaver.”
Me: “Yep, a yucky Beaver.”
Owen: “No, it’s yucky Ducks…”
Me: “You better watch it mister!”
Grace: “Owen, did you know that there are people in this world that don’t like chocolate?!?!”
Owen: “Oh no!”
Grace: “It’s ok, just like some people like cereal and others don’t or maybe someone likes peanut butter bread and someone else doesn’t. It’s ok Buddy.”
Owen: “Oh no!”
Grace: “It’s true, but don’t worry, all of the people we know like chocolate.”


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