Another Debate: Daisy’s Gender

Most of Grace and Owen’s debates seem to occur first thing in the morning. I guess they have rested up. This one always happens just as they come down the stairs. Daisy is always waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs…

Grace: “Oh, Daisy, you’re such a good girl!”
Owen: “Daisy is not a girl! Daisy IS a boy, Grace! Good boy, Daisy!”
Grace: “Owen! Daisy is a girl.”
Owen: “She is not, Grace, Daisy is such a good boy! (Petting Daisy) Oh, Daisy, you’re such a good boy!
Grace: “Mommy, Daisy is a girl isn’t she?”
Me: “Yes, she is.”
Owen: “She is not a girl, MOMMY!”
Me: “Owen, if Daisy were a boy, she would have boy private parts.” (Yes, I used the actual word, just being careful on the blog…)
Owen: “hmmm.” (pauses) “Oh, good boy, Daisy!!”


2 responses to “Another Debate: Daisy’s Gender”

  1. tottallytinymaclin says :

    For some reason I think he just likes to be argumentative!!! I have no clue where he could have gotten that from 😉

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