Another Debate: Icky Beavers

We have smart children, it’s no secret.

When they see a picture of this

they instinctively know to say “icky beavers!”

Well, an additional instinct that they seem to have is to argue…

The conversation started about the fact that they had green and yellow cups, Go Ducks! Owen agreed (naturally).

Then the more that Grace talked about it…We only want the Ducks to win because we are Ducks fans. Who would want Beavers to win? Who would cheer for the Beavers?

Well, Owen’s instinct to argue kicked in.

Grace: “You wouldn’t want the Beavers to win would you!?!?”
Owen: (weakly) “yeah”
Grace: (gasping)”Mommy! He said he wants the Beavers to win!!!” (as if he may get in trouble for it…which we will never openly admit to)
Me: “Of course he did, it’s the opposite of what you said!”
Grace: “Owen, that’s icky Beavers, if you cheer for the Beavers then you have to smell them!”

And clearly, Grace is our winner in this debate. A debate not based on feeling, but clear facts. I mean really, who would want to smell an icky Beaver?

3 responses to “Another Debate: Icky Beavers”

  1. Sonya says :

    Too funny! I almost fell of my chair laughing… 🙂

  2. Alyce says :

    I hate to say it, but all the kids in this area know that beavers rule and ducks drool – just ask my kids. 🙂

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