Birthday Scoop

Thank you all who posted a birthday wish for Grace yesterday.

In her words her birthday was “the best day ever!” and when I read the comments to her she said “I feel like the most specialist girl in the whole world, specialer than anybody else!” Which is, of course, exactly how a birthday girl should feel.

We let Grace open her present from the three of us before she headed to school.

The necklace is the “little lady” necklace by Lisa Leonard. She LOVES it! (Her shirt says “little girl, big dreams”)

I took cookies and juice to school for her to share with her class. They sang Happy Birthday to her and she was beyond excited to do this at school.

After school I took the kiddos to pick out a couple of books and then we went to get chicken-licken and french fries. Lunch in the sunshine.

and then more cookies in the sunshine too:)

Later, Auntie Kaeley called and Grace got to open her present over the phone.

Friday evening we are going to have a cupcake party with the family.

Every birthday should be spread out over several days!


3 responses to “Birthday Scoop”

  1. tottallytinymaclin says :

    I’m so sad we missed it!!! Tell them both hi from all 3 of us, and that we miss them and love them! Tell the birthday girl that we are SO happy she had a great birthday!

    • ittybittyblog says :

      I wish you guys had been there too! And Chelsey, you have now been dubbed “uncle Chelsey” by Owen:)

  2. lisa leonard says :

    cutest pics ever!!! i’d love to put one or two on our flickr page if you email them to me!! xxoo

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