Happy Birthday, Grace!

Today my big girl turns 6! I can hardly believe that it has been so long ago, and yet it feels like just yesterday that she joined our family and I became Mommy.

She’s growing up, not such a little girl anymore.

She is smart (actually brilliant:).

She is compassionate.

She is stubborn and strong-willed.

She is inquisitive.

She is chatty.

She is SIX!


11 responses to “Happy Birthday, Grace!”

  1. Kaeley says :

    Happy Birthday Gracie Girl! Can’t wait to talk to you this afternoon! I hope you have a great day!
    Love you!
    Auntie Kaeley

  2. Michelle Crowe says :

    Happy Birthday Grace!! I can’t believe you are 6 today!!
    Such a beautiful girl, Darcy!! Congratulations! I hope you all have a great day.

    XO, Michelle, Rick and Keaton

  3. Ericka Doran says :

    Happy 6th Birthday Grace….I hope you get all kinds of great new things today. I wish I was there to give you a great big hug!!!


  4. Grandma Annie says :

    Happy Sixth Birthday, Princess Grace! Love you much!!
    Grandma and Grandpa Annie

  5. Allison says :

    Happy birthday GRACE!!!

  6. tottallytinymaclin says :

    Happy birthday grace we miss you and hope you have fun little princess!! Love Chris, Chelsey, and Maclin. 🙂

  7. Laura says :

    Oh Miss Grace….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
    You are a blessing to your family and very very loved!

  8. Laura says :

    as a side note….when did we all become old enough to have 5 and 6 year old children?

    • ittybittyblog says :

      I don’t know, Laura. I had the same thought when your boys turned 5 and then I realized that mine was older!

  9. Grandma Annie says :

    Laura and Darcy:
    You missed the bigger question — when did SOME of us get old enough to have daughters in their 30s!!!!
    Grandma Annie

  10. claire says :

    Ditto that grandma Annie. Happy Birthday Grace. Wow 6!!!!!
    I remember Grampa Ruby taking you outside to look at the big tree. It would quiet you down when you were tiny and cried.
    Thanks for the yummy cupcakes. Your party was so much fun
    Grandma Ruby

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