The Difference…

…between a boy and a girl (at least in our household).

Remember this structure?

During the winter we (Danny) moved it out of the yard and inside our fence. It was up against our picket fence and our arbor.

On a sunny day before we moved, Grace and Owen were out playing, I was inside. I heard Owen screaming/crying and Grace saying “I’ll go get Mommy!”

I headed outside knowing that if Owen was crying like that he was really hurt. He was laying in the structure and one of the cross pieces of the arbor was broken. He had climbed up on the red piece that is in the background of the picture (about waist high on me) and then climbed onto the arbor. The piece of the arbor he climbed onto wasn’t strong enough to hold him and it broke and he fell off of it back into the structure. It hurt but mostly scared him, but nothing he didn’t walk off in about 30 seconds. I told Owen that it wasn’t safe to do that, that it was dangerous and that he could get really hurt.

Of course I got the story from Grace who told me just what he had done because she stood there watching him do it. She then turned to me and said,
“I can look at that and know that it isn’t safe to climb on the structure and then onto the arbor, I don’t need you to tell me that.”

And that is the difference:

one who easily assesses danger and so out of fear never acts,
one who sees danger as the invitation to an adventure…

This doesn’t only apply to the children in the family…It appears to be a 100% gender specific trait.


One response to “The Difference…”

  1. Allison says :

    I AGREE with that statement 100%! Gender specific trait!!

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