What Three Looks Like

Owen turned three this weekend! I can hardly believe he has been here for so long!

He is equal parts sweetness and rascal.

One moment he will growl and say “I’m mad at you Mommy!” then he will take my face in his hands and say “yore de bes mommy in da whole world!”

He still lags behind in his height and weight just barely tipping the scales at almost 24 pounds, not much for a three year old, keeping him in the <5 percentile. But the brains are big, making his head 75th percentile:) He doesn’t qualify for early intervention services anymore as he has made up for all the areas where he was delayed, and then some.

He is taking after his sister and has become quite a chatterbox. Instead of saying “where is that?” he says “where ear’s dat?”

He loves to play with his puppy, chase the cats and antagonize his sister. He loves to dig in the dirt and pick up rocks, play with trucks and tractors. Our house is a series of parking lots for all of his vehicles.

When he is determined or particularly rascally, he juts out his lower jaw and won’t back down.

He is stubborn. That runs in the blood on all sides of the family:)

He loves his sister, coming up behind her hugging her and saying “yore my favorite girl.”

He wants to be just like his Daddy, in the clothes he wears, the tools he uses, the things he says, the adventurous spirit.

We are blessed.

Here is what three looks like…

And what two looked like…

And what one looked like…

And one day…


One response to “What Three Looks Like”

  1. Ana says :

    SO cute!!! How he has grown and changed. Happy 3rd Birthday sweet boy! I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures as it feels like I am seeing my little one 🙂
    Hope you had a wonderful day!!
    Ana and Marco

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