Poor Martha

Two and a half years ago I wrote about the demise of Mel (the first)…then I wrote to you of Mel (the second) and Martha, the “replacement fish”. This summer Mel the second passed on.

Martha made the move with us, carried the whole way on my Mother-in-law’s lap. I decided that Martha needed a nice clean bowl to live in so I fished her out into a yogurt container. She proceeded to then jump out of the container and into the drain. It all happened so quickly that before I could even grab her, she jumped (actually flopped) again and went completely down the drain. I was so surprised, I didn’t really know what to do. Danny took the drain pipe out but she was gone.

I cleaned out her bowl and we waited to see if the kids would notice. A couple of hours later Grace noticed. I explained what happened and she said “Why do you think that Martha would want to go somewhere so small and dark?” I said that I was pretty sure she didn’t know it would be that way but that she had probably found more water at the end of all the pipes…

Owen said simply “Poor Martha.”

Grace was so attached to these fish that she is already ready to go get two more just like them and name them…Mel the third and Martha the second…

And Laura and Allison I am sure you both remember the time that something similar happened to Laura’s fish, except it involved the drain and scalding hot water from the dishwasher and very poor timing on the part of the fish…

Not really something you expect to see twice in your lifetime…


Coming soon…Owen’s birthday update…he turned 3 on Saturday!!! But I forgot my camera…Oops!


2 responses to “Poor Martha”

  1. Alyce says :

    Obviously those fish have spent too much time watching “Finding Nemo.” 🙂 Sorry that your fish is gone though. Good luck with the new Mel and Martha when you get them.

  2. Allison says :

    Sorry about your recent loss.
    And YES!!!! I do remember! Poor fish thought he was getting out and then got cooked in the process.
    “All drains lead to the ocean” I think that fishies everywhere must be catching on!

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