Logging Conference 2010

Last year Danny and I took the kids to the Oregon Logging Conference. Since the conference fell on Moving Day this year, my parents, the designated “rascal-sitters”, had the honor of taking them.

Here are a few pics…

It was a much sunnier day than last year which was cold and rainy…A beautiful day to move…

One of the few times you will see my kiddos as an “oversize load”.

photos courtesy of Grandma Annie


One response to “Logging Conference 2010”

  1. Kim Reilly says :

    I’m from Iowa, and my hubby makes me watch all the logging shows on TV…American Loggers, Axmen, the one with the Pelletiers, etc. I’m now a fan of those logging shows.
    I’m SOOOOO jealous that your kids got to go to this.

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