The Raging Debate, Part 2

I wrote last week about the Raging Debate in our house.

It continues…

Last night in the car…

Grace: “I am pretending that I am that girl on TV.” (not referring to Ice Age)
Owen: “No Grace, not the girl skirl, the boy skirl!”
Grace: “Owen, the boy squirrel is disgusting!”
Owen: “Grace the boy skirl is not disgustin’!”
Grace: “Owie, it’s ok if I think the boy squirrel is disgusting and I can say it because that is what I think and it is ok if you say that the girl squirrel is disgusting because that is what you think. That’s ok.”
Owen: “Ok, the girl skirl is disgustin’!”
Grace: “Ok, Buddy.”

So in reality, not so much raging as just a conversation. I think this is the first time ever that Grace didn’t take the bait, her brother knows her buttons and they are big.


One response to “The Raging Debate, Part 2”

  1. bethany says :

    oh, how cute! I can just hear Owen saying “disgustin.”

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