The Raging Debate

There is a raging debate in our household. It is between Grace and Owen. And it involves Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Have you seen it?

And what is the debate about? Well watch this clip first…

Cute huh? Every time we watch this movie the following argument occurs:

Owen: “girl skirl take it away!”
Grace: “No, Owen, the boy squirrel took it away!”
Owen: “No HE didn’t, the girl skirl take it away! SHE not nice!”
Grace: “The girl squirrel is nice, the boy squirrel isn’t nice to the girl squirrel.”

Back and forth, on and on. They can be riding quietly in the car (who am I kidding) and Owen will say out of nowhere “GIRL SKIRL NOT NICE SHE TAKE NUT AWAY!!!” and it begins again.

And they are always split, just like that, down gender lines. And neither one can ever understand the other one’s point of view…


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