Itty Bitty

I have been going through some things and I found these pics that my sister took of Grace when she came home from the hospital. We just had prints of them but I scanned them tonight…

We had just come home from the hospital with her so she was less than a week old.

When Owen was this age we were still days away from even holding him for the first time. He was still intubated, on TPN for nourishment, had a chest tube, a central line and IVs. Not to mention all the beeping and the major surgery.

I treasure these pictures. They make me happy and sad at the same time. Sad that I missed that sweet time with my itty bitty #2, but so happy that I had it with ittybitty #1.

This one’s my favorite…


2 responses to “Itty Bitty”

  1. jtmku says :

    Beautiful! That face in #3 is unmistakably Grace!

  2. Laura says :

    great pictures!!! So little! Cherish those pictures.

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