Owen Update 01/10

As you may remember, Owen had surgery last July. Last Thursday we headed back up to Legacy for Owen’s 6-month check-up with Dr. Bliss.

As hoped, all was well and we were officially “released” from Dr. Bliss. He said that even though he wanted to come up with excuses so that we could come back for visits, that there really was no reason…What a blessing, but still sad to say goodbye to such a special man!

I don’t think that I have talked much about Owen health-wise since his surgery. He has been doing really well, but his surgery in July was very traumatic for him. In the months after his surgery he had to get flu shots (3 total). From July through probably mid-December every time that Owen and I would go somewhere he would say “no Owie get hurt?” I had to assure him with each errand that we weren’t going to the doctor, that he wasn’t going to get hurt. He seems to finally be getting through that, but it has been really hard to see him be so scared and worried that he is going to get hurt by someone.

Owen was apprehensive for his visit with Dr. Bliss, but Dr. Bliss is such a master at putting Owen at ease that they were playing trucks together within moments.

After our appointment we had a bit of lunch in the atrium…

And of course we had to spend time in the Children’s Garden.


One response to “Owen Update 01/10”

  1. Laura says :

    Praise God for a great checkup.
    Okay….O is just tooooo cute! Love the hair!

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