Oh Ducks #3: Rose Bowl Edition

The Roses…

We held them in our hands…

they made us so happy for a little while…

and they smelled so pretty…

but it was not to be and those thorns are just so poky…

#7 Oregon Ducks 17, #8 THE Ohio State Buckeyes 26

See you next season Ducks!


2 responses to “Oh Ducks #3: Rose Bowl Edition”

  1. Sheryl says :

    Sorry, what can I say, my sister went there and we live in Ohio! (I went to a MAC college, so I have no one to route for.)
    Actually, my sister told me to put Jared in his Duck’s shirt and Jaime in his OSU shirt. Couldn’t find Jared’s shirt…never got my picture! 😦 Better luck in 2010!
    Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. Laura says :

    Oh that was so sad! We played horribly!
    Jeff and I went to the game, mostly because Jon and Susan came down for the game.
    I will say…we have some friends from Ohio who payed a visit to our house and decorated in OSU attire. It was funny. Of course we had to take it down before we left for the Rose Bowl.

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