Sacrilegious Christmas Post

A few things heard around these parts this Christmas…
After I found a $1.29 pair of jeans at Goodwill for Grace:
Grace: “Oh Mommy, now you won’t have to buy me pants for Christmas because you already got me some!”
Me: “So, what kind of Build-a-Bear do you want? Brown, pink, or maybe a bunny?”
Grace: “Mom, I already told Santa what I want!”
Me: “Well, do you mind telling me in case Santa needs some help!”
Have you heard the latest Christmas songs?
Owen: “Tinkle Bells, Tinkle Bells, rosey ashes, all fall down!”

Grace: “Walking in the winter in the lane…”
Grace: “Mommy, I am going to go to Church with Grandma and Grandpa Annie, they have live animals there, but Jesus isn’t alive!”
Me (to my Dad): “Wow, isn’t that sacrilegious or something?”
Owen: “When can we go to Christmas?”
Grace: “Grandma and Auntie Kaeley are still shopping!
Me: “What do you think they are shopping for?”
Grace: “Maybe they are looking for presents for us and they just can’t find them!”
Grace singing all the words to “I Saw Three Ships”…
Me: “Where did you learn that song?”
Grace: “I listened to it in Grandma Annie’s car. The rule is, if you know it sing it! If you don’t know it, don’t sing it!”
The morning after I had stayed up late wrapping presents (all of which I had shopped for…)
Grace: “Where did all those presents come from? I am sure Daddy brought all those presents for us!”
Me: “Owen, what do you want for Christmas?”
Owen: “I wanna open presents!”


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