Not-So Tolerant

If Daisy’s middle name is Tolerant, May’s is Not-So Tolerant. Or Grumpy as Danny has not-so affectionately called her for the last 8 years.

It has been cold outside the last couple of days (frozen chicken water cold). The cats are usually outside or in the laundry room. They don’t get to come in the house very much. I have taken pity on May because, well, she is pitiful. She doesn’t have a lot of fur and she is pretty scrawny. Unlike Fat Boy.

She comes in and heads straight for the heat registers and sleeps next to them. That is until she is discovered…

Owen doesn’t know the word “gentle”.

“Scratch”, “bite” and “sharp teeth” yes, but not “gentle”.

Want to snuggle?


4 responses to “Not-So Tolerant”

  1. Laura says :

    poor May-may!
    You probably bribed her to look that pitiful!

  2. Alyce says :

    I just took a photo of one of our cats sleeping on our heat vent. He’s so ornery and crafty though that he actually pulls the metal vent cover out of the floor sometimes. The nearest we can figure out is that he wants to let more heat into the house.

  3. Lara says :

    These pictures are hilarious!!! May looks VERY happy! lol

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