Go Ducks #10: I Smell Roses


We’re going to the Rose Bowl! Pac-10 Champions!!

Oregon Ducks 37, Oregon State Beavers 33.

We clobbered ’em! And it was fun!

Now, we hang out and we wait…bring it on OSU, that would be Ohio State this time!

See you New Year’s Day!



One response to “Go Ducks #10: I Smell Roses”

  1. Laura says :

    CUTE pictures!!!
    Oh, I want to go to the Rose Bowl game soooo badly.
    15 years ago…I was camping out in freezing temps with most of the school vying for those few precious tickets (which of course turned out to be more than we all needed). Allison and I stood outside for 18 hours, but it was totally worth it.
    GO DUCKS!!!!! Beat those Bucks!

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