Owen Stories

It is time. I post “Grace Stories” and they are a hit. Well, my Little Man is ready for his “stories” too. He has started saying so many funny things lately. Talk about a rascal!
Owen was quiet, too quiet. I heard him say “want wash my hands.”

It didn’t really sink in until he had been quiet a little while longer.

I went into the bathroom and found this…

This evening I was doing the dishes and I heard Owen say “put spider Mommy’s slipper.”
Me: “WHAT did you say?”
Owen: “Found spider on wall, put spider Mommy’s slipper. Silly spider!”


2 responses to “Owen Stories”

  1. Alyce says :

    That one with the spider would have definitely had my attention. So did he squish it with your slipper, or was it actually in your slipper?

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