A Few Grace Quotes

Me: “Later today we are going to go to Les Schwab’s and get new tires on the van.”
Grace: “Oh, are we going to get Halloween tires because I think that would be neat!”

Grace: “I always wear a scarf when I read a story because that story makes my neck cold.”

Grace: “Do we have hand sanitizer?
Me: “Yes, on the counter.”
Grace: “Oh, good I need some sand hanitizer on to kill the germs. Oh shoot!”
Me: “What’s the matter?”
Grace: “I just touched the bottle of sand hanitizer and got more germs on my hands so I need to use sand hanitizer again!”

Grace: “I’ve decided I’m going to start calling you Mom from now on instead of Mommy.”

While reading a book on leaves and photosynthesis…
Me: “It says here that the sun turns into food, but it doesn’t turn into a cheeseburger or anything like that.”
Grace: “Mooom, it doesn’t turn into people food, it turns into plant food!”


One response to “A Few Grace Quotes”

  1. Alyce says :

    These are great! I remember with sadness when my boys stopped calling me “mama” and shortened it to mom. My youngest still refuses to accept that I have a real name other than “mom.” 🙂

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