Potty Training Phrases

The Good Ones: The ones you want to hear

“Yay, Owie did it! Owie pooped in potty!”
“Owie haffa go Mommy!”
“Owie big boy, Owie went wee wee in potty!”
“Go potty, get life saver!”

The Bad Ones: The ones you don’t want to hear (or never thought you would)

Grace: “Mommy, there’s something on the kitchen floor and I can’t tell if its chocolate or poop.” (Yeah, it was poop…)
“Oh no Mommy! Poopy fell out floor!”
“Mommy, where poopy go!?!?”
“Chocolate or poopy on pillow?”
Grace: “Mommy, why does Owen have poop all over his legs and shirt and all over the toilet seat?”


2 responses to “Potty Training Phrases”

  1. Laura says :

    I don’t miss those days. Kai liked to decorate his crib and wall. YUCK!

  2. Jean Ashner says :

    I so remember those days! The wording is wrong on some of the remarks but close enough to fit us perfectly. One of the things I do not miss. But still kind of wish I was going through the whole potty-training thing once more right now.

    Hope he is still doing well! And diapers are a thing of the past!

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