Archive | October 6, 2009


This has been a big month for Owen.

First, he conquered the potty.

Second, he got a big boy bed.

Grandpa Ruby built Grace a bed to sleep in when she spent the night at their house. We brought that bed to our house and Owen got Grace’s bed since it is shorter and has rails.

The first night, I was worried that Owen would fall out. Instead it was Miss Grace. Or should I say Graceful. I woke up and heard her crying and I went to check on her and she was sitting in the cradle that is next to her bed, she had fallen into it. She was rather confused and didn’t think it was very funny.

Both beds are toddler beds that have crib mattresses in them. Their room is so small that we wouldn’t be able to fit a twin-sized bed in there anyway…and if we did, they’d have to share it. Luckily, they are both so small that they could probably be in toddler beds until high school, but we won’t make them wait quite that long…

The one thing that I miss about the crib are the “crib smooches” that I used to get from Owen. We would work our way down the entire crib smooching between the rails. It was pretty sweet.

My Sweet Boy through the rails…