Cozy Windowsill

I have “decorated” my kitchen windowsill with a few cozy little things. This is my special spot as no one can reach it (well no one under 4 feet tall) and I can look at my sweet houses while I am doing dishes.


From left to right:

~My Old Salem spoon (this is from Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC where I lived for awhile and my sis still lives).
~My very own Petite House.
~A cute little egg cup with lavender in it.
~More lavender and “pokies” in a glass jar.
~My KLM house that my MIL got me…this might be my next thing to collect…
~Pumpkins from our yard.
~My favorite mug that I never drink from. It has a metal inside and then I can’t microwave it. This is ok because I really just want to look at it.


2 responses to “Cozy Windowsill”

  1. Alyce says :

    Very nice! I have a couple of favorite mugs on my windowsill that I don’t drink from either. 🙂

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