Where Were You…

…when the world stopped turning?

When I remember September 11th, it is always with such mixed feelings, such a heartbreaking and terrible tragedy. I was in my bathroom getting ready for work. I had the radio on and the first reports starting coming in. I turned on the TV and watched in horror.

Later, after I made it to work, we had a TV on to continue watching events unfold. I worked in a language institute at the University of Oregon at the time. About 20% of our students were from Muslim countries. I think it really was a strange perspective for that day. Worrying about our Muslim students and that they would feel safe while we were under attack.

At the end of the day, I went home from work, turned on the news and started sobbing over one of the stories that was playing. I turned off the TV and Danny came and picked me up and we went out on our first date.

We had talked a lot on the phone and prior to that we had gone to the coast for the day, but September 11th was our first real date. It felt so strange to sit in a restaurant after all that had happened that day, while so many others were in the midst of their worst nightmare, and enjoy dinner with the sweet boy that I knew I would marry (oh, yeah, I had known for awhile…).

Where were you?

Me and Danny in high schoolDanny Darcy-Young

When we first started dating, out hiking, I slid down the hill and Danny caught me by the hood of my sweatshirt…


One response to “Where Were You…”

  1. Jen Miller says :

    Kenny and I started dating on 9/11/00, so we had big plans to celebrate one year of dating on 9/11/01. After the day’s events and the craziness around town, we stayed in and watched tv coverage that night. What a coincidence you and Danny share that date for a first date as well!

    When the attacks happened I was taking an exam in nursing school. We had a break after our exam and then another hour left of class. On our break we caught the first reports coming in. Our instructor made us return to class! Can’t you believe that?!?

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