Princesses at Ruthie B’s

On my sister’s recent trip home we all went to Ruthie B’s for tea. Actually, we opted for coffee and hot cocoa and scones…

Grace has gone before with just Grandma Annie, but this time all the girls got to go. Grandma Annie (aka the Queen Mother) was there, just behind the camera…

Grace was definitely in Princess mode…


The Princess and the Queen…

With Auntie Kaeley…

Grace’s pot of cocoa came with a tea cup full of mini marshmallows and tongs
and then another cup of whipped cream. YUM!




3 responses to “Princesses at Ruthie B’s”

  1. Allison says :

    WOW! That looks amazing! Especially those GIANT scones! YUM!

  2. Alyce says :

    Yum! I’m so hungry after looking at those treats!

    Grace is totally cute!

  3. Laura says :

    Great photo of you gals!!!!

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