Owen Update

During my blog break, Owen had minor surgery. We decided to take him back up to Legacy to Dr. Bliss, the surgeon who performed his CDH repair surgery. We love Dr. Bliss. He has such an amazing relationship with his patients. Owen was immediately at ease with him.

We had found out when I was pregnant with Owen, during one of the ultrasounds for his CDH, that he had an undescended testicle. This is fairly common with boys that have CDH due to the fact that other organs get “sucked up” in their chest.

The surgery lasted about 2 hours and he now has 5 more incisions to go with the 4 he already had.

Owen is such a trooper. All that he said was “hurts, hurts bad”, only a few tears.

The day before surgery we walked around and got to see the Life Flight helicopter (aka “hocker”). Luckily we never needed that!


At the Ronald McDonald House with some of the statues. “Like Sissy.”



Enjoying life with Versed.


With the wonderful Dr. Bliss before surgery.



4 responses to “Owen Update”

  1. Sonya says :

    As always, what a trooper! Can’t wait to catch up…

  2. Fer says :

    Such a strong little guy!

  3. Alyce says :

    I’m glad everything went well.

  4. Kerrie Chamberlain says :

    Hi there,
    I don’t know you, but I came across your site while looking for Dr. Bliss’s info for a friend. We have an 8 year old CDH survivor. He also spent time (81 days) at Legacy Emanuel; and we lived at the RMH during that time. Brings back beautiful (if painful) memories! Hope little Owen is doing great!
    Kerrie Chamberlain

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