First Shiner

It was bound to happen sooner or later…

Owen got his first shiner…

Daisy ran past him outside in our yard and knocked him down. He landed on a paver and scraped his cheekbone pretty good and then the next day he had a black eye,

This is his account of the event:
“Daisy, bonk head, hurts bad, Daddy Mommy fix it.”


“See, I’m tough!”





4 responses to “First Shiner”

  1. Allison says :

    OH! NO! That’s gotta hurt! 😦

  2. Sheryl says :

    Poor guy, bad doggie!!! Owen, we hope you feel better soon! I hear that lot’s of ice and Popsicles make the “hurt” go away! 😉

  3. Alyce says :

    Ouch! So sorry that he took a tumble (but I have two boys, so I’ve been there).

  4. Fer says :

    OUCH!!!!!!! I’m so sorry this happened!

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