Blog “Break”

I am going to be taking a blog “break” of sorts.

We have decided to cancel our internet, as a result it won’t be easy to post very much. I am scheduling a few posts to go up through out the month of July (on Monday’s…) but probably nothing more than once a week for the rest of the month.

…unless I find some super easy alternative…

But don’t worry, I’ll still be taking pictures of the kiddos and the critters and writing down Grace and Owen stories so I will have posts when we are back up and running again…

See you around…



6 responses to “Blog “Break””

  1. Sonya says :

    😦 So sad. I’ve got to be better about those phone calls…

  2. Kellie says :

    We will miss you!!! 🙂 Take care and see you soon.

  3. Jen says :

    Oh, we’ll miss you!! Your blog is one of my favorites to read every day!

  4. Laura says :

    Miss you!!!!!

  5. Alyce says :

    I’ll miss reading your posts, but am glad that you have scheduled some posts to tide us over. I hope you get your internet back soon!

  6. Fer says :

    Oh I sure will miss you!!!!!!!! I always keep you in my prayers Darcy!

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