Sweet Pup-Three Weeks Later


Three weeks ago today was when poor Daisy had her unfortunate encounter with slug bait.

Daisy had been doing really well until Monday when she started acting lethargic. I could tell her tummy was upset.

This morning when I got up, there was quite a mess in the laundry room. I won’t go into details (you’re welcome) but the poor pup wasn’t well. She had no appetite which was also a bad sign.

Danny and the kids took her to the vet and they ran a bunch of tests and did x-rays to make sure she didn’t have some sort of obstruction.

Apparently, Daisy has salmon poisoning from some bit of raw fish that she found in the yard. “If untreated, death usually occurs within fourteen days of eating the infected fish. Ninety percent of dogs showing symptoms die if they are not treated.”

According to the vet, if she even found just one fish scale it would be enough to make her sick.

Daisy is spending the night at the vet’s tonight, getting some iv fluids and medicine.

We hope to have her back home again in the morning.

We’ll be praying that in 3 weeks (July 7) that we aren’t at the vet’s office again with a deathly ill dog.

We love her, but $1000 in vet bills is crazy.


3 responses to “Sweet Pup-Three Weeks Later”

  1. Alyce says :

    I’m so sorry to hear that Daisy is sick again, but thankful that they were able to figure out what was wrong.

    Vet bills are a bummer. I hope you guys are able to avoid the vet for a while.

  2. bethany says :

    Poor Daisy! And poor you for having to clean up the mess! šŸ™‚

  3. Laura says :

    Oh No…I’m so sorry.

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