Tooth Fairy Visit #3

We were visited by the Tooth Fairy again a couple of weeks ago…I just downloaded the pictures…



Grace put her tooth in this sweet little box that some of our friends gave her.

That night the “Tooth Fairy” came to visit and replaced the tooth with some money.

The “Tooth Fairy” looked for the little baggie with Grace’s other teeth in it, but could not find it. So instead, the “Tooth Fairy” put Grace’s tooth on my dresser.

On Friday, Grace was getting something off of my dresser and came in and said “look Mommy!” and in her hand she was holding a tooth.

She currently has two more loose teeth so I thought maybe she had lost another one, but there was no crying or blood.

And then she said “I found this on your dresser, do you think the Tooth Fairy dropped it there?”

Um, yeah, that must be it…

The “Tooth Fairy” needs to be more careful…

3 responses to “Tooth Fairy Visit #3”

  1. Laura says :

    lol! 🙂

  2. Sonya says :

    Too funny! Just wait until she can start reading your blog… Hmmm… :O

  3. Kristyn says :

    Emma lost a tooth last week, too. I was holding it and the garbage at the same time (don’t ask why, lol!) and I dropped the tooth into the garbage. Oops! I didn’t tell her and went through the garbage and found it. I also had out one of her other teeth she lost to be a stunt double if I couldn’t find it. 😉 The tooth fairy did this awesome origami with a dollar bill to make it look like a heart, but Emma wasn’t nearly as impressed as I thought she would be with the tooth fairy’s money folding skills–ha!

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