Courage from Brother

Grace is just like me. Owen is just like Danny.

When we had Owen, we started calling Grace “Sissy” in addition to Grace. You know, because she is his Sissy. I have a feeling that it will change from “come here Sissy!” to “oh, you are such a sissy, Sissy.”

Grace is not adventurous, Owen is looking for an adventure around every corner.

One of the times that we went fishing, there was a slight hill down to the water. Owen was going up and down it, he even walked up the hill backwards.


Grace saw him and was curious.


Owen tried to encourage her. He even tried to hold her hand and help her.


When that didn’t work, he tried to push her as he walked past.


He went down and tried to get her to come to him.


Finally, Daddy was called in to help.


Which was still pretty scary for Sissy.


Then she finally made it…


Similar things happened at the coast…

Grace was too scared to get her feet wet in the ocean. But when Owen held her hand, she was brave enough.




It’s fun to see them together. A five year-old getting courage from her two year-old brother.

Owen, ready for anything. Grace, not so much. But she will talk about it!

Just like their parents…

Before Danny and I got married (well and after too) we had many a moment with him holding my hand trying to help me across a log over a river, going down a steep hill, skiing down a hill…

You get the picture…

Just like their parents…


4 responses to “Courage from Brother”

  1. Sonya says :

    So sweet! Wish all the pics would come up for me, but a few wouldn’t.

  2. Sonya says :

    Oops, they’re up now. Odd! 🙂

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