Sweet Pup Update


Daisy is doing so much better after her run-in with slug poison!

Tuesday night Danny and I were up with her until about 3:00 when she was finally able to stand up and we could see that she wasn’t going into seizures again.

Wednesday morning she was so excited to see us and the kids when we got up. You could tell she was pretty scared by this experience.

The bloodwork from the vet has come back ok. Some kidney function number was a little elevated but the doctor wasn’t too worried.

Daisy does need to be reminded of her manners and some of the rules of the house. We aren’t sure if there might have been any brain damage due to the poison.

For the most part she is the same old sweet pup that she was before this happened.

Please be careful about any poisonous substance that you put out in your yard. I can’t imagine if one of the kiddos had gotten into this stuff, it’s pretty nasty.


4 responses to “Sweet Pup Update”

  1. Grandma Annie says :

    Glad she is mostly back to Daisy instead of Dazey!

  2. Jen Miller says :

    So glad, Daisy is feeling better. What a scary thing to have happen!!! Hugging my puppies today!

  3. Sonya says :

    Hooray! Good news! 🙂

  4. Laura says :

    I’m so sorry you all had to go through that.
    Yes….protect out loved ones from these types of products.

    Snail poisoning took my first dog when I was growing up.

    So glad to know Daisy is going to be okay.

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