Giraffe Blankie

Before Owen was born, my parents gave him this giraffe blanket. It has a giraffe head and then the rest is a blanket. It is super soft.

When Owen was in the NICU the doctors and nurses would lay it over him after they had done their checks on him. It was just the perfect size to fit over his little body and made it feel a little bit more homey to me.

Well, the little guy hasn’t really wanted much to do with it since we brought him home (2 years ago!), but I always leave it in his crib, along with the quilt that they gave him at the NICU and the little duck that was also in his NICU bed. I think when he goes off to college I will make him take them to sleep with so I know he is safe.


Anyway, when I went into check on Owen the other night, this is what I found…not only was he snuggled up to the giraffe, but he was laying on the duck….and you know I had to get pictures…


And look at those sweet feet…I still nibble those toes daily:)



2 responses to “Giraffe Blankie”

  1. Fer says :


  2. Kristyn says :

    My nephew who is 3 has that same giraffe (actually multiples of them) that is his “lovey”. The corners of Lovey get chewed on and there are multiple lovies in the rotation. He was here last weekend and we had a full-out Lovey search before they left because we couldn’t find him. He was in the play kitchen oven, you know, where everyone puts their giraffes. 😉

    Leah has some blankies and toys that were in the NICU with her, too. She is sleeping with her blankie now and if she is like her big sister it will be around for a LONG time.

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