Owen’s Words


Owen has had an absolute language explosion over the last couple of months. As I think I have mentioned here before, my undergraduate degree was in linguistics so I am particularly curious about my kids’ language acquisition…

Owen has some really cute words that he says that are close to the real thing but not quite. I know as he practices he will get better at his pronunciation, but some of these are just so sweet, I don’t want to forget them.

these first ones, the initial /k/ sound becomes /f/ because of the /f/ later in the word. In words like kitty and car, he can make the /k/ sound just fine…
fiffor- Clifford
foffee- coffee
fareful- careful, “fareful Daddy!” when Danny is bbq-ing.

hocker- helicopter
wowo- bicycle/motorcycle-
-used in a sentence “wo, wowo!” – means “wo, look at that bicycle/motorcycle!”
tattor- tractor
trairor- trailor
beet- jeep
manna- banana
butty- belly button
efut- elephant

wuv yu- love you
chu- two
-used in a sentence “I love you, Owen!”- “chu”
ma mon- come on

2 responses to “Owen’s Words”

  1. Jean ashner says :

    Sounds like he says a lot of words like most of my kids did, except my first–Ralph rattled off words exactly right from the minute he started talking but most of mine sounded a lot like Owen. I did have two you had extra speech help mainly with the “r” sound and one with the “l” and “j” sound but now they are all better but then again I went to “speech” for my “r’s” for awhile too.

    Love his smile!


  2. Kristyn says :

    Love those kid words! One of my favorites of Leah’s right now is “bemember” for remember.

    My MS is in speech-language pathology, so I had many classes about language aquisition, too! 🙂 I worked with 2-5 year olds (when I worked–ha!) and one assimilation that many little boys did was with fire truck. Except they took the “f” from fire and put it on the front of “truck” as well so it sounded like . . . well, you can figure it out. 😉 It was hard not to giggle everytime they would say it.

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