The Princess Speaks

Warning: Slightly inappropriate story ahead…

Grace helped me make the cake for her birthday. After we were done she was standing at the sink licking the cake batter and then pretending she was making another cake by putting water in the containers. Then she would drink it. It was rather gross. This is the conversation that followed:

Grace: “Mommy, I have a nice cup of coffee here for you. It is steaming hot.”
Me: “Grace, are you drinking it?”
Grace: “Yes, here try some.”
Me: “I am NOT going to drink cake batter water.”
Grace: “Mom, stop being such a pussy and just try it!”
Me: “Uh, Sweetie, where did you hear that word?”
Grace: “I didn’t hear it anywhere.”
Me: “Grace, no one is in trouble, I just wonder where you heard it because it is not a nice word to say.”
Grace: “Oh, I didn’t hear it and I didn’t know that, you know, Bob’s a pussy cat…”

When I called Danny to tell him, the first thing out of his mouth was “I have NOT ever said that to her, I gotta go…”

All that I can figure on this one is that she was confusing pussy-cat and wussy…Danny will tell her to stop being a wus (I’m not sure if that’s even how you spell it…). It’s certainly not a word that you hear around our house much…

Me: “Grace, would you like to have hot dogs, chips, fruit and cake for your birthday dinner?”
Grace: “No, I don’t want those things, maybe when I am ten I will want those things but not right now.”
Me: “Let me rephrase that, we are having hot dogs, chips, fruit and cake for your birthday, how does that sound?”
Grace: “Oh, that sounds really good Mommy!”

Grace: “Mom, I am going to help you clean up all these dishes because it’s my a-possibility.”

2 responses to “The Princess Speaks”

  1. Alyce says :

    Cute! 🙂

    Nathan always says “Dinner is deserved!”

  2. Amber Myers says :

    Once again Grace brings me laughter!
    Ever since I have been craving twinkies!
    Something I haven’t had in years and I am trying to fight the urge.

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