The Attack Cat…

“Look at that tail, I could just pull it a little…”


Look at that little boy, so innocent, yeah right, I will get him…


I am so close, so stealthy…I could pounce…


La la la, I’m not doing a thing…oh, hi there little boy…


He is scared, I am sure of it, my work is done here…



3 responses to “The Attack Cat…”

  1. Kristyn says :

    I have a great picture of our cat “attacking” Emma when she was about a year old. He has his claws but doesn’t ever take them out around the girls but will “swipe” with his paws. Just this morning Leah said he scratched her with his teeth. Hmm, funny that you don’t have any marks!

  2. Sonya says :

    Sweet pics! Bagheera would never do that. Instead he lays on the floor, belly up and then complains when the kiddo lays on him… Go figure!

  3. bethany says :

    that made me laugh!

    I got your email. You’re so sweet.

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