Mommy, I Want a Nap

Every night between 10:00 and 11:00, Grace wakes up with nightmares.


Every. night.  for. weeks.

She starts crying and screaming and speaking words that we can’t understand. Sometimes she is reaching and picking at things. If I sit on the bed she will pick at my clothes like something is there.

It always happens about an hour after she has fallen asleep and that is usually the only time the entire night. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like she has actually woken up, she is sort of in a daze. Danny has better luck calming her down. He talks loudly and firmly, I guess I am too soothing and it doesn’t quite wake her up.

Tonight, she sat up in bed with the same usual routine and we actually understood the first sentence which was…

“Mommy, I want a nap.”


Struck me as funny, what with her being asleep and all, and it’s not like I won’t let her have a nap…


3 responses to “Mommy, I Want a Nap”

  1. Amber Myers says :

    Lol 🙂

  2. Jean ashner says :

    My Anna and Clint were famous for that and they would both wake up at the same time together it seemed like every night. Nothing we did would soothe them, they had to have their “night terrors”(As I called them) and then they were fine the rest of the night. Just about like Grace about an hour or two after they went to sleep. Joe and Sophie had the same thing but it was as bad–not as often and not as much screaming, hollering, and actions. It is pretty scary when it happens at first but after awhile, I just got used to it and would kind of be waiting for them to have these “attacks” and just be there to calm them the best I could. It did seem if I was real stern in my voice and tell them to calm down, lay back down and relax and most of the time it worked–they were still antsy and crying and sobbing but not as much screaming and wild thrashing movements. They did eventually grow out of it. Hang in there. Praying that she will outgrow this real fast!

  3. Marci says :

    Emilia did the same thing when she was just about a year old. That was when she had her feeding tube so we always figured she thought some monster was coming to get her! She wouldn’t ever really wake up from hers though, just wake me up with a bloodcurdling scream, then go right back to sleep. Shelby does a lot of night moaning, but no screaming…maybe we’ll luck out with Josef. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it soon, I know how tired you get when you’re woken up with a scream, how’s a Mommy to go back to sleep after that?

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