A Style all Her Own

Thank heavens…well, her and any other 5 year-old girl…

Only one of these pictures is actually when she is playing dress-up, all others were chosen because they “match”. Hmmm.

I do love the expression on her face in this one…she doesn’t like the ties tied on her dress because it looks pretty when they hang down…


Now this one is obvious, pink jacket, pink stripe on the dress, and pink on the bottom of her socks…It’s the Halloween kitty pants that don’t quite fit…


Well, this one is actually dress-up so I guess it doesn’t count…but she wears it well, with attitude!



3 responses to “A Style all Her Own”

  1. Amber Myers says :

    I love Grace’s since of style!

  2. Fer says :

    Me too!

  3. Eric Eklund says :

    She is a Eugene girl through and through! 🙂

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