Tell Me Lies…

Me: “Grace, do you see that scratch by your brother’s eye? Do you know what happened?
Grace: “I don’t know, he probably fell down.” (she says as she gives me a big fake smile and head cock)
Me: “Do you know how he fell down?”
Grace: “I don’t know, it probably wasn’t because I pushed him.”
Me: “Did you push him down?”
Grace: “No, and it probably wasn’t because I picked him up and tried to move him because he was trying to turn on the light.”
Me: “So are you trying to tell me that you picked him up and moved him and that he fell down and scratched his head?”
Grace: “Yeah, probably…but he’s ok!”


2 responses to “Tell Me Lies…”

  1. cindygert says :

    I love this age. They always tell on themselves.

    Thanks for the mug love……..I just went today to Value World and scored 2 more retro mugs. Thought of you because one of them has a pedistal like the ones you showed me. LOVED those by the way. I would have been doing the happy dance if I could find those at the thrift store. The green and the orange…!


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