Out of the Mouth of the Princess…

As always, Grace has been full of it, but lately she just has said some very funny statements that confirm that she indeed thinks she is a princess…

Me: “I am going to get more cereal at the store when I go to work because we are out.”
Grace: “Oh good, and while you’re at the store get some chocolate pudding! And if they don’t have any pudding at that store than just go to a bunch of stores until you find some!”
Me: “You need to come in here so that we can get your hair done before school.”
Grace: “I am just too tired, I need to rest.”
Me: “You need to come in and get your hair done so we aren’t late for school!”
Grace: “I’d just rather rest a bit and then get my hair done, Mommy.”
Grace: (showing me her muscles) “I am so tough Mommy, did you even know?”
Me: “No, I didn’t know, how did you get to be so tough?”
Grace: “I didn’t get to be tough, I was just made that way!”
Grace: “I’m just so tired from working so hard at school today.”
Me: “Did they make you do lots of learnin’ today?”
Grace: “Yeah and it was just so boring.”
Me: “What was boring?”
Grace: “Well, I just like to play and rest and I had to do work and I like to be able to watch my shows whenever I want.”
Well, this one is actually more farm-girl…but too funny not to put in…

On a sunny day the kids were out playing in the yard and I could hear Owen screaming…
Me: “Why is your brother screaming?”
Grace: “He’s just mad because he wants to push the wagon and  I won’t let him because I’m putting poop in it!”
Me: “HUHHHH???”
Grace: “There was some Daisy poop in the way of the wagon so I just got the shovel and was putting the poop in it so he could play with the wagon.”
Me: “You know, pooper-scooping is really a job for Mommy and Daddy (at least right now) so please just leave it alone. And I really don’t want you to put dog poop in the wagon that you and your brother play in…”
Grace: “Well, ok Mommy.”


3 responses to “Out of the Mouth of the Princess…”

  1. Sonya says :

    HAHAHAHA!!! My mother said that when I was two or three years old, I ran around with my best friend (the neighbor boy) and we both claimed, “We are the strongest in the whole world!” Can you imagine?!

  2. Fer says :

    LOL girls!

  3. Kathy in West Texas says :

    Oh my goodness! That Grace! She’s just so funny!

    I’m impressed she would touch the poop, even w/ a scooper! I sure wouldn’t! AT ANY AGE!

    Grace just cracks me up, and I just hate it they are working are soooo hard at school! Having to miss her shows is just a shame! LOL LOL

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