Please Mama and Bapa?!?!

Owen has been learning new words like crazy lately and has also added a few new signs. Grandma and Grandpa have become “Mama” and “Bapa”. His favorite signs are “more”, “shoes”, “cracker”, one he has made up for “choo-choo” that he signs while saying “choo-choo” and then of course “please”.

My Mom and I were at Barnes and Noble with Owen and Grace yesterday and Owen was playing with the little train set that they have set up in the kids area. He saw the boxes of new trains and kept signing “more”. I told him there was already a train out to play with, but NO, he wanted the new ones. So then he turns to Grandma “mama, more?” Grandma said “no”, then he pulled out the big guns, “Mama, more, PLEASE?” He will sign “please”, but when he is really serious he will sign “please” and say “peas” at the same time. How can you say no? Luckily Mommy and Grandma have hearts of steel:)

A week ago we were at my parent’s having dinner and I asked my parents if they have noticed how well Owen is doing with signing “please” when he wants something. My Mom said yes, but my Dad said that he hadn’t noticed. My Mom’s reply was “yes you have, you keep telling him to stop wiping his hand on his shirt!”

Ooops, silly Bapa, now he knows why Owen keeps doing that:)_________________________________________________________

I was trying to find a picture of the baby sign for “please” and I found the cutest little video. I can’t do a link but I’ll paste the link…


2 responses to “Please Mama and Bapa?!?!”

  1. Allison says :

    Love that he calls his grandpa Bapa. Mario and his brothers call their Dad “Bapa”. Very cute!

  2. Fer says :

    WTG Owen!!!!!!!!! Maybe you can come downhere and teach Juan Pablo some words 😉

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